ORIGINS OF THE ISLAND AND WEAPONS PUSAKA MDURA BANGKALANTold that the island of Madura begins seen by students in ancient times as the divided island so it is a miraculous peaks of high ground (which is now a top the hills in Madura) and some low flat land if the sea water receded visible and if the tides are not visible (under water). The peak-peak that looked iru them are now called Mount Geger Bangkalan and Mountains region in the area Pajudan Sumenep.It is told that in ancient times there was a country called the country in which there subuah Mendangkawulan palace called willing Wesi. King named Sanghiangtunggal. Supposedly people, Madura he thinks there is one place near Mount Semeru near puncakala named Mount Bromo. Age is roughly around the year 929 AD.
The king has a daughter who was a girl. One day, the princess is dreaming of the conceded moon into his mouth and hold her stomach and not come out again. After a few months after the incident, the daughter tesebut become pregnant and not discovered who the father of the baby candidate. Several times his father asked about causality, but her daughter did not answer because he did not know what had happened to him.
The king was very angry and called his patih named Pranggulang. Patih was ordered to kill the princess and bring her daughter's head before the king. If the Patih Patih is not able to show her daughter's head was then Patih not allowed to the king and no longer regarded as Patih in his kingdom.
So the Patih to bring the Princess out of the palace to the jungles. Having arrived in the jungle somewhere, then Patih sword and began holding the Princess's neck, but most of the sword blade to her neck is falling ground. After the incident the Patih pensive and thought that hamilnya Princess was certainly not from his mistakes, but surely there is something extraordinary and Patih Pranggulang finally relented to not return to the king and from that time he changed its name to Kijahi polengĂ­ (Poleng meaning in Bahasa Madura namely woven fabric Madura) and he changed clothes are wearing cloth, clothing and fabric headband from poleng. He cut the wood to be used as a boat (by the Madurese people called Ghitek or Java say Getek).
Before the Princess had been dispatched, Kijahi Poleng provide some stock in the form of fruits and advised that if the Princess need his help so that the Princess's feet stomping ground 3 times then immediately Kijahi Poleng come to rescue him.
Princess is by Kijahi Poleng ghitek mounted above it and then kicked it towards Ghitek "Honey Oro" (the corner in the fig-fig) means the corner heading towards the area. Told that because this is the island called Madura. Others say that the name is from Madura word "Weak Dhuro" means land that is not true is if the high tides the land is not visible, if the sea water receded, the land will appear.
Long story short Ghitek is stranded on Mount Geger (there Madura land of origin), and indeed according to the Chronicle-chronicle if there is a written word Madura land, it is meant Bangkalan also includes Sampang regency, while if there is mention areas eastward from these areas it is intended Sumenep or Sumekar or Sumanap and were put Pamekasan.
At the Princess suati when stomach began to ache as if would meet his death, she stamped her foot ground there 3 times to ask for help Kijahi Poleng. Then suddenly it came and he Kijahi Poleng if that the Princess would soon give birth. Not long later was born a boy who faces a very good novel that later was given the name "Raden Segoro" (Segoro means ocean). The family became the first resident in Madura. After that Kijahi Poleng disappeared again, but he often came to visit the Princess by bringing food or fruits.
Told that the boats that sailed the trade of several islands in Indonesia when at night through the sea near Raden Segoro place, then they saw a bright light like moonlight, then merekaakan stopping to anchor it in place (Geger Madura) and will make salvation eat and drink there and give prizes to the understated it.
After a two-year-old Raden Segoro often playing on the edge of the ocean, and one day from the ocean came two very large dragon tails approached him. With fear, then Raden Segoro ran, crying and telling the incident to her mother. Feeling afraid afraid their children eat snake dragon, the mother called Kijahi Poleng. And immediately Kijahi Poleng came to see her mother, then her mother told her son what happened to them. Then kijahi Poleng invite Raden Segoro playing on the seashore. Not for a while there came two giant dragon's tail, then Kijahi Poleng sent Raden Segoro for holding a snake tail, and slams into the ground. Raden Segoro refused requests Kijahi Poleng, but because of coercion is ultimately Raden permintaa Segoro meet them. Kemusian holding two giant dragon's tail and dibantingkannya to the ground. Immediately two giant dragon tail burubah into two spear blade. Both spear blade is then given to Kijahi Poleng to his mother brought Segoro raden. Spear of them are named "Kijahi (si) Nenggolo" and only given the name "Kijahi (si) Aluquro"
At the age of 7 years Raden Segoro moved from Mountain Village Geger to Nepal. Nepal names because there were so many trees Nepal. Nepal Tree auat Bhunyok namely a kind of palm tree but smaller and not huge like the coconut tree, its leaves can be made tumah roof, the young can be made cigarettes (like Klobot). The village location was in the area Ketapang Sampang regency north shore (Java Zee) and until now its still a lot of monkeys.
At one point, enemy of the State Mendangkawulan Tjina arrival. In war the King Mendangkawulan lost so many times people killed by the enemy is running out. In these difficult circumstances and confused, one night the king dreamed Mendangkawulan meet with parents who say that in the southwest corner of the palace is named Honey Island Oro (Weak Dhuro) or Madura. There lived a young man named Raden Segoro. The king sent to ask for help to Raden Segoro if you want to win the war.
The next day the King ordered Pepatihnya so bring some soldiers to Madura in accordance with these dreams. Sesampianya in Madura, Pepatih straight to Raden Segoro and tell about what happened to his kingdom and asked for help Raden Segoro to help him. And also requested permission to his mother for her mother to allow her son to help him. The mother called Kijahi Raden Segoro poleng to accompany the king to help the war from enemy attack (Tjina). Then went Raden Segoro, Kijahi Poleng and Pepatih and soldiers towards the Palace Mendangkawulan by bringing heritage Kijahi Nenggolo spear.
Poleng Kijahi participate but does not seem by others unless Raden Segoro. And when he got in the country, Raden Segoro directly at war with the army assisted by Kijahi Tjina Poleng. Heritage Kijahi Nenggolo only directed towards the enemy nests so many enemies that die because of sudden illness and not long after all the enemy fled the country Mendangkawulan. King Mendangkawulan held a big party to celebrate the victory of the war and pay homage to Raden Segoro and gave the title of "Raden Tumenggung Gemet Segoro alias" which means that all enemies when fighting with it then it will run out (Gemet = Language Java)
Raden Segoro intend to take the child-in-law to Tumenggung Gemet and deliver him (Pepatih messengers and soldiers of honor) with accompanying letter of gratitude to his mother. King asked who his father, then Raden Segoro will ask her mother later. Then Raden Segoro ask permission to King Mendangkawulan to return to Madura.
Having arrived, then Raden Segoro ask about her father's return to his mother. His mother was confused and answered that his father was a phantom. Then immediately also gone are the mother and her son and his house called the designation Kraton kengan Nepal.
Similarly, a history of the origin of Madura land, which the elders suggested that Raden Segoro has replied debts humiliating her mother with a good revenge that is helping in the war.
It is told also that in the future Kijahi Nenggolo and Kijahi Aluquro by Raden Segoro given to Prince Demong Plakaran (Kijahi Demong) Regent Arosbaya (Bangkalan). And from that moment the two blades are spear (Kijahi Nenggolo and Kijahi Aluquro) to Weapons Bangkalan heritage.

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